Another month, another deadline for the magazine I work on. Time is swooshing by. It’s July and I’m already working on the September issue. Christmas is only around the corner.

I’m writing all day and I love that – it’s a real┬áprivilege. But it’s tough when one of your hobbies is writing as well. You have to be really disciplined in order to make significant progress.

I’m getting better at that, I think. Nevertheless today I have got one magazine to press, but this evening I’ve only managed about three sentences of creative writing (and a few more for this blog). Ooops.

I do believe it’s important to let your brain recharge now and then though, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much.

Tomorrow the deadline pressure will be off, and my evenings will free up a little. In the next two weeks the goal is to get to the edit of the Big Serious Revision Pass of Doom, so that I can move on to polishing and then submission. It. Will. Happen.