The question of how to fill your time is very similar to the one that asks how to spend your money.

If you don’t think about it properly, you’ll just waste it.

I’ve started playing Guild Wars 2 – the new MMO from NCsoft that’s supposed to be pretty damn awesome. But can I find the time to get further into it? Not a chance.

I’ve got a toddler, which means my days are spent at work or running around after a two-year-old. If I’m lucky he might be asleep by 8pm. By the time dinner is done and I’ve spent time talking to my other half, most of the night is gone. I then have a choice of doing a bit of work-work, doing some creative writing, reading a book, pottering about the internet, housework, or buying pointless things on eBay. Only after all that does it occur to me to play a game, and at this point it’s usually three am.

I used to play a lot of computer games. Several years ago, I could quite easily spend an entire Saturday playing a random strategy game or MMO (my husband would be playing a console game, so we would be comfortably ignoring one another). Nevertheless, I probably complained then about not having enough time to do creative writing.

You not only fill your available time with a mix of useful stuff and pointless crap, but it’s also very easy to slide into not getting anything productive done.

I’d love to spend a day playing Guild Wars 2, but at the end of it I’d know I’d have wasted some precious free time. These days I’d put reading a book or trying to write one first.

I still want to play it.

I’m not sure I can.