holiday trees sunlight

Since the last post I’ve been on holiday – first holiday in years! – and it was fantastically relaxing. We went to Center Parcs (holiday villages in forests in the UK and Europe), and just chilled, going on long walks, watching the wildlife, doing archery (!), mini-fencing with the kid (!!) and reading, reading, relaxing, and more reading.

What helped was finishing one job before the holiday, and starting a new one afterwards, so I had no work hanging over my head.

I’m staying with the parent company I work for, but moving off the trade magazine I edited (PCR) to our digital team, where as ‘digital producer’ (fancy title which means everything and nothing), I will work on our online/social media/digital publishing strategies. It’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m really excited about it.

I love online publishing and see so much potential out there. There’s lots to learn, but that’s half the fun.

Of course I also love writing and learned a lot while being editor of PCR. But in my heart I do prefer creative writing to journalistic writing, and now I won’t be pumping out thousands of words a day (there will still be some words involved, naturally), I should have more energy for the creative stuff in my spare time.

I feel recharged. Tis awesome.