Godkiller is a strong fantasy debut from Hannah Kaner. It begins with water and fire and a young woman who can kill gods. And sometimes gods do need killing, because once they have love, affection and a shrine, they often tend to malignancy and abusing the very people who have cared for them so much.

It’s not long until godkiller Kissen (arguably the main character although there are four points of view) bumps into a young noble girl on her own, in desperate need of help, who’s hiding a god up her sleeve. Literally. In search of this help, they travel to a city devastated by gods. On the same path is Elo, once a baker and before that a knight to the King, who’s also in need of aid.

Paths cross and gods attack…

It takes a few chapters to fully settle into the four viewpoints but you soon understand who they are in relation to one another and the plot quickly begins to come together.

I really enjoyed the story, and found it reminiscent (in a good way) of The Witcher (both the books and the TV show). Kissen is a tough cookie, hated by many, but she has incredible sympathy for her charge Inara, despite the small god she’s travelling with.

Kissen and Elo develop an interesting relationship. They’re both keeping secrets close to their hearts, secrets that could get them killed – yet they’re essentially good people who want to do what’s right.

The pacing worked for me – yes there is journeying in the middle but actually I quite enjoyed that!

It does end somewhat abruptly. The main plot is wrapped up but there are a couple of secrets leftover that signify this may be the start of a series rather than a standalone. Personally, I’d welcome more – but if you’d rather read a series only when it’s complete, then be warned!