A fascinating dive into the murky world of online romance fraud.

I liked how the author was always sympathetic to the victims. It would be easy to say ‘they should’ve known’ but as Holmes shows, many of the victims are at incredibly low points in their lives when the fraud takes hold. By the time there are unignorable red flags, they are defensive, embarrassed, and often have no one else left to talk to.

In the course of the book, the author examines the different types of romance fraud, the profiles the fraudsters adopt, plus their habits/patterns and so on. She weaves in case studies – detailed stories of victims, so that you begin to see just how dangerous romance fraud is. And then you get frustrated at how little is done about it!

Yes, there are pages of copied conversations the author has had with would-be fraudsters over on Twitter, but they are very entertaining. Plus, she has also spoken to a number of experts in the field.

I enjoyed this one – and learned a lot.