Love Will Tear Us Apart by CK McDonnell.

The deeper I get into this series, the more I find I’m enjoying it. But do start at the first book if possible (nb. this is book 3).

The Stranger Times is a publication reporting on the weird and wonderful, with its own rather weird and wonderful staff to match. In book 3, the focus is (sort of) on the romantic side of life. Assistant editor Hannah has seemingly quit to visit a culty new-age retreat. Editor Vincent Banecroft is more insane than usual, fixated on his dead wife and a ghost that might be able to talk to her from the other side. It’s not going to end well. Which is half the fun.

This is a comic urban fantasy; the more you know the characters, the more you can laugh along with them and their banter. It is a bit chaotic, I’m not going to lie. Storylines go all over the place, characters go on little diversions, and some bits go on for quite a long time just to make a joke about the M62. But as a whole, it works.

This is either going to be right up your street or a street you’d quickly cross to get away from it all. Luckily for me, it’s the former. Can’t wait for the next instalment.