None of This is True is a read-in-one-day, expertly put-together psychological thriller, and I thoroughly enjoyed every single page.

It begins with Josie and Alix crossing paths at a local pub one day, and realising they are both celebrating the same birthday on the same day. They are birthday twins. Alix is a successful podcaster, and Josie suggests she interviews her. Josie’s planning to change her life, and she wants Alix to come along with her on the journey.

But Alix has no idea what the journey involves…

The way the book is structured gives you a tantalising insight into what lies ahead. The podcast is now a Netflix series, with the feel of a true crime documentary. We get glimpses of the episodes in between chapters that hint at how Josie and Alix’s relationship develops.

Tension starts building as what could be a friendship very quickly turns creepy. And there’s something really great (in a very weird way) about knowing there’s something terrible coming, that you can’t stop it, that you’re desperate to see exactly how it gets to that point, that you need those answers.

I liked Alix, I liked how her life wasn’t perfect, that she was trying to be a good friend. She didn’t, by and large, make the stupid decisions that litter so many other psychological thrillers. And I enjoyed finding out more (the different truths, I suppose) about Josie.

Simply a really good read.