Another good read in this series.

Book 2 picks up directly from the end of book 1 and I wouldn’t advise trying to read it as a standalone if you want to make the most of the story. As before, there are a bunch of kids trying to survive in a nearly adultless, post-pandemic-ish world. Nature is stronger than man now and cruel with it.

It’s begun to rain and floods are rising. Yet somehow the biggest threats still seem to come from one another. But who is the biggest enemy this time? Gus, the kid with all the guns? Or David, the man from another time who believes he is doing God’s work?

This is an enjoyable read, written in a way to make turning the pages feel effortless. But it’s quite short too and there isn’t a huge amount of plot movement. I’m really looking forward to the next one but I also think it might’ve been a nice big read as one volume.