The Day The Earth Turned is book one in a post-apocalyptic YA series – and it surpassed my expectations.

It begins after a pandemic or two or three. All (or almost all) the adults are dead. The focus is on a small town (village?) and its outskirts, and the two big groups of kids that form. As they work out what kind of society they want, tempers flare and tensions rise, and there’s something else going on too… the earth itself seems angry. Dogs, birds, deer are ravenous and aggressive. It’s as if they want revenge on the people who have spent centuries ruining the world.

There are a few viewpoint characters across the two groups of kids/young adults and I enjoyed seeing each character develop on the page. They’re not all likeable, but I did find them convincing and more importantly, interesting.

I really enjoy post-apocalyptic fic when it delves into the minutiae of exactly what the hell do you do next to rebuild society, and this novel delivers on that front. I’m intrigued as to where the story is going next – more on the detail of how you survive, or more into the horror of nature striking back? Either way, I’ll be reading!