I thought this was a wonderful rom-com. All that is required from you, as a reader, if you are to truly enjoy it, is to have the ability to suspend disbelief a little over some timey-wimey magical ‘stuff’. Essentially, this is a book in the vein of fantastical (but contemporary) films like Big or Freaky Friday.

It begins when Lucy is 26 and miserable, fed up of her flatshare and having no money. It transforms when Lucy wishes to skip to the ‘Good Part’ of her life and magically wakes up in the middle of it. Then we have the journey of finding out where she is, who she is and what she’s missed. I loved it.

Along the way you explore that cliche of whether it’s the hard times that make us. Do we need to fully experience our grief in order to fully appreciate what’s around us today? It’s going to stay with me for a while.

The Good Part would make a lovely film – but it’s a great read in the meantime.