How do people write around their children, I wonder? I struggle somewhat, but is that down to me being lazy, not pushing myself enough, or just because looking after a baby is hard and sometimes they’re not always easy to work around?

N is not a daytime napper, even now at nine months old. He naps for nursery and my husband, but if I’m around, he only wants to sleep if it’s on me or in the buggy. Which is fine. I’m used to it now – but it does mean I don’t get time to do housework or write while he sleeps.

I have the evenings, of course, but I tend to fill them with eating or chilling out with my husband. I could easily make myself write more here – perhaps I just lack discipline, because nine times out of ten, even if I end up at the computer, only a few words ever make it to page.

Tonight I got him to sleep by 8pm, spent maybe 8pm-9pm eating and pottering about, clearing up. Nine til half ten should’ve been productive. But hmmm, I got maybe 300 words done and reinserted some broken pics into this website. He woke at half ten for a feed and now I should be in bed.

Tomorrow will be more productive. Definitely. Probably? Hopefully.