I used to cling to the idea that I loved only paperbacks and paperbacks alone. That I’d never want to replace them with any kind of ebook. But look how time changes people. These days I read as much on my iPhone as physical books. Here’s why:

One, I’m often up in the middle of the night tending to a baby, or feeding him in the dark. Can’t do that and read a regular book at the same time. However, I often have a hand free and a back-lit screen is pretty useful.

Two, I always have my phone with me. If I’m out trying to walk the baby to sleep and I spot a bench nearby so that I can sit down and read for a while, I’m more likely to have my phone than a book.

Three, it’s immediate. I think of a book I want (or go through bestseller lists/recommendations), find it on the Kindle store, one-click purchase. Don’t have to wait until the next day to go the bookstore or order from Amazon.

Next you might ask why I don’t have a Kindle – here’s the thing, I want want want want want a Kindle. I will get a Kindle. But first I have to raise enough money to buy one from selling some baby things and books – I don’t have enough disposable income at the moment to just get one. I’m very tempted, though.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love physical copies of books and think there will be a place for paperbacks and hardbacks for some time to come. I love seeing hundreds of books on my shelves, I love the cover art, I love the smell of them, the weight in my hands. I love reading in the bath – not going to risk that with my phone or Kindle!

I’m not going to read books to my son from my phone just yet – he still likes to chew on whatever he’s reading, and tactile books are another bonus. Nope, he’s on board books rather than ebooks for the time being.

I also like to read non-fiction in physical form. Perhaps it’s because non-fiction often inspires me with fiction ideas, and I like to put sticky tabs in the books – I know you can put notes on ebooks, but it just doesn’t feel the same to me (yet).

I love paperbacks, truly I do. But my iPhone (and Kindle-to-be) is my new mistress.