The internetz made me watch Merlin. Yes – it’s all your fault. First I noticed it on a few memes in various communities. Then people kept talking about Merlin/Arthur and I was intrigued.

I gave in and watched the show. Cast = good; cast chemistry = awesome; plots = repetitive.

I read somewhere that the show creators were inspired by early Smallville, and it shows. Krypto freak of the week becomes Magical evildoer of the week. Merlin has to use his powers to save Arthur, but can’t reveal them because magic is banned, just as Clark always saved his friends, but didn’t want to reveal that he was an alien. Etc, etc.

But, like I said before, the cast is good and that makes up for a lot. Colin Morgan is great as Merlin. His chemistry with Bradley James (as Arthur) makes it easy to see where all the slash shipping comes from. I don’t ship them myself as such, but I can imagine there’s a rich world for fanfic to tap into.

Anyway, on to this week’s episode. I thought this was pretty good. Arthur’s desperation to find out about his mother really came across well and it was nice to see the boys bond over lost parents. I still want Arthur to find out Merlin’s secret though – it’s as if they’re worried about running out of plot once it’s revealed, but I think it’ll add a whole new element.

Doctor Who – The Waters of Mars

Let me say up front that I am often a bit cynical when it comes to Doctor Who.

I think RTD has done some great things, but at the same time I’m not a massive fan of his writing style and think he’s a bit prone to audience manipulation (see Torchwood deaths). Oh, and I was never liked Rose all that much either.

So often when an ep comes on, especially if I’m watching it with my husband, we tend to snark our way through it rather than watch properly. I know, I know, I’m a bad person.

I was on my own for this one (he’s in Canada for work at the moment) and really enjoyed it. The supporting cast was great; the story was creepy, scary and poignant. I’ve always appreciated Tennant’s work and he was good here too.

I even shed a few tears.

Other misc shows

Vampire Diaries – this has got really good. Really! I thought it would be naff and cheesy, but by episode four it had become a town/ensemble show, rather than a straightforward vampire romance and Ian Somerhalder is brilliant as an arrogant, rather evil, how-can-he-stay-in-the-show-for-years vampire.

Big Bang Theory – love. Though I don’t think Penny/Leonard have any chemistry. And Jim Parsons better win some awards this year.

Flash Forward – I gave up after the first few eps. Annoyingly, it’s one of the few genre shows that people at work watch, probably because there are no ‘spaceships, aliens or magic’. Might tune in again if the overall season sounds good.

Dollhouse – not surprised it got cancelled. Liked elements of the show, but overall think the premise is a bit flimsy (for television) and Eliza Dushku isn’t strong enough as the lead. Think many of the other actors should go on to great things, especially Dichen Lachman and Enver Gjokaj.

Supernatural – this season feels like it’s just for the fans. Enjoying it as always but wish it’d get more plotty and perhaps slightly less meta, though meta is fun. Misha as Castiel is just made of awesome. Jensen continues to light up the screen.